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Electric Reach Forklift Truck Stacker Jack

May 05, 2024
Forward moving electric forklifts are a type of storage truck, which can be divided into seat forward moving and standing forward moving according to operation mode. Forward moving forklifts have a smaller lifting capacity and are often driven by electric motors. Electric forward moving forklifts have the characteristics of being flexible, easy to operate, pollution-free, and low noise. It combines the advantages of an electric stacker crane and a counterweight forklift. When the gantry extends forward to the top, the center of gravity of the load falls on the outside of the fulcrum, which is equivalent to a counterweight forklift; When the gantry is fully retracted, the center of gravity of the load falls on the inner side of the fulcrum, which is equivalent to an electric stacker crane. The combination of these two types of performance ensures operational flexibility and high load performance, while not increasing volume and weight significantly, maximizing the savings of work space and greatly improving land utilization. Therefore, it is one of the essential equipment for modern warehousing to complete material handling and stacking operations in narrow spaces suitable for industries such as light industry, tobacco, textile, food, supermarkets, etc